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Exploring the Future of Fujitsu

Exploring the Future of Fujitsu

The good relationship between Fujitsu’s Dr. Rolf Werner and IOTA’s Dominik Schiener has been well documented over the past year. Let’s explore the IOTA – Fujitsu connection in some more depth.


– Corporate Headquarters: Japan

– Employees: 155,000 worldwide

– Revenue: US$40bn

– 78,000 patents worldwide

– World’s fifth-largest IT services provider

– FORTUNE named Fujitsu as one of ‘the World’s Most Admired Companies‘ for the fifth consecutive year

People realized that Fujitsu might be a big partner of IOTA when its Head of Central Europe, Dr. Rolf Werner, started tweeting and liking #IOTA-tagged posts on Twitter back in 2017. This climaxed at the Fujitsu Forum 2017 in Munich, Germany (November 8 and 9, 2017), when Dr. Werner talked in front of the business’ who’s who about the advantages of the Tangle:

It was no surprise, then, that Fujitsu would take part in the IOTA Data Marketplace. In the meantime, Dr. Werner has become a member of the IOTA Foundation’s supervisory board.

Many people consider Fujitsu’s dedication to be one of many experiments to implement new technology. However, a company like Fujitsu would not promote “yet another crypto coin” at the world’s largest industrial fair (Hannover Messe, Germany) to such an extent, would it? They have gone so far as to produce a full demo for an IOTA-run Industry4.0-factory:

Dr. Werner himself suggested that the implementation of IOTA is not just a deep-future scenario, but that it may happen sooner than people think.

And, of course, we are here those who feel really at home in this context. Because we are not only one of the largest IT providers worldwide but we are also the ones that are the only manufacturer in this country. And so we have a location in Augsburg [Germany] that already has all that is needed for the smart factory. (Source)

Another Fujitsu official told the media that the supply chain management has already been integrated at the Augsburg factory (although he does not mention IOTA specifically).

Quite recently, an interesting partnership with Intel was also tagged #IOTA:

Moreover, there is a project called iampass.io (the subject of a separate forthcoming article). Suffice to say, iampass.io uses Fujitsu’s palm vein scanner as well as IOTA’s Tangle for biometric authentication:

So it’s safe to say that we’re looking at a world-renowned company whose Head of Europe is a proponent of IOTA’s game-changing ability. They have shown their interest in the IOTA project on various occasions and continue to do so. They collaborate with other large companies while promoting the usage of IOTA. If the technology was too immature or insecure, it’s difficult to imagine such a company ever taking the risk of being embarrassed after praising it in public like this. Hence, the above-mentioned projects are only the tip of an iceberg which all other cryptos would die to partner with.

Becoming the global standard in IoT is certainly IOTA’s most ambitious goal. Dr. Werner put it this way:

Fujitsu is well-equipped to help roll out IOTA as the new standard by being across both IT services and manufacturing. (Source)

It has always been the same: the big industry players make take the lead on setting standards, and their customers follow their course by following those standards. Fujitsu is a big industry player. IOTA is the standard.


Written by: Chris Mueller