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A Debate on Privacy, Distributed Ledgers, and Social Media

Introduction written by @Carpincho Dem, the new head of IEN.…

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IOTA-based product: Lidbot

Whenever you read about the Internet of Things (IoT), it…

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The Long Winding Path

What should we expect as IOTA moves into a Coo-less…

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IOTA Future

IOTA Foundation partners with Jaguar/Land Rover

Wouldn’t it be great to get individually rewarded for providing…

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IOTA: Becoming the Industry Standard

Today, the IOTA Foundation has announced that it has partnered…

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IOTA Turtle City

Bridging Bosch and IOTA

Bosch and the XDK Cross Domain Development Kit Bosch is,…

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IOTA Beach

Tangling with the Automotive Industry

It wasn’t long ago that few people had heard of…

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The IOTA Report Card

The going rate for IOTA tokens, which originally started as…

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IOTA Network Bound PoW

Proof of Scarcity and Sybil attacks

In this article we’ll examine proof of scarcity by using…

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The Origins of Jinn and IOTA

Since its emergence at the end of 2017, many people…

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