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The IOTA Report Card

The going rate for IOTA tokens, which originally started as…

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Proof of Scarcity and Sybil attacks

In this article we’ll examine proof of scarcity by using…

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The Origins of Jinn and IOTA

Since its emergence at the end of 2017, many people…

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VW Future

Volkswagen and IOTA Build the Future

Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest automakers, and a…

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Exploring the Future of Fujitsu

The good relationship between Fujitsu’s Dr. Rolf Werner and IOTA’s Dominik…

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Team Hires

IOTA’s Scalability Solution

VISA is capable of thousands of transactions per second (TPS),…

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Taking the IOTA Elevator

Connecting the Schindler Dots

Michael Nilles joined the IOTA Foundation as an advisor back in…

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IOTA and the Internet of Things Feature

IoT: IOTA’s target business in a nutshell

During its emergence to the widespread public over the last…

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IOTA Mountain


Kontakt.io empowers businesses by bridging the gap between real and…

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IOTA Ledger Support

Trinary and LiFi

Protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered by many to…

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