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Collaborative Mobility Projects

Collaborative Mobility Projects

The number of companies and organizations looking to utilize IOTA technology is escalating at a rapid pace. This can be seen in the recent collaboration between the IOTA Foundation and the Audi Think Tank, as well as the Blockchained Mobility Hack which took place in Munich at the end of July.

Comprising some 150 participants from across the mobility industry, the two and a half day event saw the rise of multiple potential projects on a theme of competition and collaboration.

The aim of the event was to present disruptive solutions using IOTA and Ethereum, but the looming question in such events is how many proposals could actually make it as viable long term projects?

The winning solution at the hackathon presented a single platform for user to be able to request mobility services during a multi-location trip. IOTA would be used to both integrate payments and advertise mobility services within the platform.

The second place solution utilized both Ethereum and IOTA to provide a platform for electric vehicle drivers to find charging points without any middle men. This would give drivers a more transparent view at a lower cost.

The third placed proposal would incentivize drivers to earn IOTA by providing dash cam data from their own vehicles. This data would be used to supplement the data already being collected to power autonomous vehicles which is costly and takes significant time to gather. IOTA would be used to provide payment and data transfer, and IPFS would be used to store the data.

Other solutions of note presented included:

– Making use of data encryption on Tangle to store personal data about drivers and their driving behavior, so as not to breach GDPR.

– Using Tangle to display real-time information about accidents or incidents in a geographical area.

– Providing a means for users to create verified data about themselves which can be shared across relevant parties.

The IOTA Foundation was joined by the major players in the automotive and mobility industries for this event, including BMW Group, Volkswagen Group, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom and Amadeus. The fact that these parties are willing to collaborate and move forward with innovative projects demonstrates the standing of IOTA as desirable technology of the future.


Written by: Gemma Hall