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Audi Think Tank collaboration

Audi Think Tank collaboration

The IOTA Foundation have embarked on a collaboration with Audi Denkwerkstatt, the Think Tank arm of Audi. Their joint Google Design Sprint spans one week in Berlin, starting from July 25th and aims to further progress the development of a mobility ecosystem which is permissionless. Key to this collaboration is the use of Tangle, with outputs being low level prototypes and customer feedback gathering. They will also explore the use of IOTA’s Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) ledger technology.

Audi are not the first automotive company to be interested in Tangle. In June 2018 Volkswagen announced that it intends to tap into the Tangle to assist with the over-the-air distribution of its trusted vehicle software.

The team from Audi is made of up of seven employees, who themselves support a further fifteen colleagues from all around the Audi business in the Think Tank, which represents a cross section of ages, levels and business areas. The overarching goal of the Think Tank is to build business models in collaboration with external companies or independently. This is achieved through the generation, validation and implementation of premium mobility ideas within a six month timescale.

The approach with the IOTA Foundation is a solid example of how premium automative companies tackle innovation. It also represents an excellent opportunity to draw on Audi’s expertise for the potential integration of IOTA into mobility products.

The open source protocol from IOTA will help to accelerate innovation for companies that require trust in data, as well as safe and scalable machine to machine communication and settlement of transactions.

You can find out more about the Audi Think Tank Denkwerkstatt on their blog.


Written by: Gemma Hall