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IOTA Foundation updates the Ecosystem platform

IOTA Foundation updates the Ecosystem platform

The IOTA Foundation has unveiled their improved Ecosystem platform, which has been revamped by their development team.

The first part of the changes has been to broaden the distinction between the community aspect of the Ecosystem and applications of funding to the Ecosystem Development Fund. There are now two separate sub-domains – ecosystem.iota.org and fund.iota.org

The IOTA Ecosystem is where members of the community can actively share anything they are working on, including projects, events and tutorials. This can be in the form of updates or reaching out to others for further sharing or collaboration. There will also be a section for sharing blog posts, articles and other thought pieces. The IOTA Foundation hope that this platform will encourage the advancement of development of IOTA as a whole, through its community of developers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and general enthusiasts.

The Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF) exists to provide grants to those projects that will benefit the community but need funding in order to continue. Grants are available for three types of initiatives – projects, events and academic research fellowships. Projects will be evaluated against a documented set of criteria. These include the project’s usefulness and potential reach, plus the user’s previous work quality and their existing level of involvement within the Ecosystem. The EDF has been established as a not-for-profit organisation in Germany (gGmbH), owned wholly by the IOTA Foundation. Having a separate entity ensures that funds will be used for community initiatives.

There will also be additional sections forming part of the Ecosystem in the future, which will support different community projects. The aim of this further separation is to give more focus and provide tools and resources to the community to be able to progress their initiatives. The additional resources will be along the lines of:

  • support for a network worldwide of incubator and ideation labs (working title of Smart Labs)
  • an area where companies can collaborate on standards (Enterprise Alliance)
  • training for IOTA developers of the future (Developer Academy)
  • an area for the promotion of a more sustainable and cleaner environment (Environmental Sustainability)

With its relaunch of the IOTA Ecosystem, the IOTA Foundation are clearly demonstrating the importance of having community input in all areas of IOTA. They recognise that the success of IOTA is intrinsically linked with the success of the Ecosystem.


Written by: Gemma Hall