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IF’s Improved Communications

IF’s Improved Communications

The overall communications strategy of the IOTA Foundation is receiving an overhaul. They have decided to make a concerted effort to improve dialogue between the community, in an initiative that affirms their belief in the importance of growing and maintaining what is already a strong community.

There are a number of elements within this review and revamp:

Recruitment of a Head of Communications; whose role will be to progress the reputation of IOTA as a thought leader within the distributed ledger, blockchain and IoT communities. They will also be responsible for engaging with the Foundation’s stakeholders in a way that emphasizes the spirit of the organization as well as the importance of the wider context within which it operates.

More frequent updates in the form of blog posts from departments including Engineering, Research, Social and Business Development. For example, the Research department will be publishing a new detailed technical post fortnightly, starting with Alpha: Playing with Randomness.

The introduction of Dave de Fijter to the Foundation as Online Community Liaison. De Fijter is a senior developer from Amsterdam who has significant experience with IOTA, having been a moderator on Slack.

The announcement of the communications strategy revamp follows on from the recent Summer Summit held in Oslofjord, Norway. This week long event was the Foundation’s first ever summit and involved members from around the world. One of the key aims from the summit was to drive more collaboration between departments and ensure alignment of communications to outside parties.


Written by: Gemma Hall