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New IOTA Foundation Appointments

New IOTA Foundation Appointments

Community has always been at the heart of IOTA, as evidenced by the most recent IOTA team hires.

Recently the IOTA Foundation acknowledged that the success of IOTA is interdependent on the success of the newly revamped Ecosystem, which is home to community input. Rather than looking internally for development and advances, the IOTA Foundation has opened its doors for anyone in the community to speak up, plus their new projects can gain traction with funding from the Ecosystem Development Fund.

This community focus is echoed in the new appointments made to the IOTA team:

Casper Eicke Frederiksen has joined as media producer. His role will include improving communications with the community and other interested parties. Casper has a background in journalism and communications, including working on machine learning and AI projects. He has experience writing for HuffPost and TheNextWeb.

Janine Härtel has been recruited as a senior project manager in the Mobility & Automotive adoption team. Janine has a degree in mechanical engineering and has recently worked for MHP (part of the VW group). Her experience includes working on connectivity solutions and investigating the adoption of DLT. She is passionate about making the user experience as safe and hassle-free as possible.

Hans Moog has been part of the IOTA community for a number of years and now has a role developing the local snapshot function. He has over 20 years software development experience and has worked all over the world. Hans is a big supporter of research projects in the field of ‘open science’

Rihards Gravis has also participated in the IOTA community for a long time, and is the lead developer on the recently launched desktop Trinity wallet. He has strong experience in front-end development as well as cross-platform application development.

Brord van Wierst has joined as a full stack programmer. He is excited to be joining IOTA as he can see that he will be contributing to something which will have a major impact on the world.

What is clear from all of these appointments is that IOTA can not only attract the best talent in the business, but also people who are passionate about IOTA and Tangle and their potential. Their diverse skills and experience will make IOTA a force to be reckoned with.


Written by: Gemma Hall