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Identity for a Digital Age

Despite the world being in the throes of a pandemic,…

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German: Chicken or Egg

Das “Huhn oder Ei”, auch bekannt als das Kausalit√§tsdilemma, gibt…

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German: Digital Twin

Industrie 4.0 ist heutzutage ein beliebtes Thema. Die “vierte industrielle…

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Chicken or Egg

The “chicken or egg”, also known as the causality dilemma,…

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Digital Twin

Industry 4.0 is a popular topic these days. The “fourth…

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A Debate on Privacy, Distributed Ledgers, and Social Media

Introduction written by @Carpincho Dem, the new head of IEN.…

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IOTA Natural

IOTA community project: Deposy

Plastic waste poses one of the biggest problems to our…

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IOTA-based product: Lidbot

Whenever you read about the Internet of Things (IoT), it…

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IOTA community project: PeerOS

Since speculation plays such a big role in the crypto…

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Professor Popov Responds to Controversy

In the days since Coordicide was announced, there have been…

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