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Professor Popov Responds to Controversy

Professor Popov Responds to Controversy

In the days since Coordicide was announced, there have been grumblings from parts of the crypto space that the Coordicide solution might have copied some or all of “Avalanche”. Dr. Popov eloquently responds to this misnomer via his medium article:

“People have told me recently of claims that “IOTA cloned Avalanche”, which are being expressed since the release of Shimmer. Initially, I thought “Ah, it must be those ‘Twitter experts’… not worth even a second of attention”, and went back to work. However, to my great sadness and dismay, I have learned that among these people, there are some which enjoyed great respect (including mine) in the DLT community.

Please understand me: I have devoted my whole life to the Academy. I can’t unfortunately claim to have made any globally important contributions, but still there are some papers about which I can perhaps be proud. I have learned to respect the work of other people, even when I could see imperfections and flaws in it. I really, really, hate to speak badly about others’ work. However, in the present situation, and in view of the statements which are so blatantly untrue, I am unfortunately forced to respond.”

Read the rest of Professor Popov’s superb exposition on Medium.


Written by: Hello IOTA Staff