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Trinity Desktop Beta Release

Trinity Desktop Beta Release

The Trinity Desktop wallet has been released as a beta version by the IOTA Foundation.

Following on from the favourable release of the Trinity Mobile wallet, this new version has been optimised for desktop usage but retaining familiar aspects of the mobile UX. A full security audit of the app has been successfully carried out. The range of themes available on both the mobile and desktop wallets has been increased. A new default has been released in response to user feedback.

The IOTA Foundation has released two videos which outline the features of the wallet, for both wallet onboarding and sending a transaction.

The beta wallet is available through the Trinity website, which has links to download both the mobile and desktop versions. There’s also an FAQ, help centre and reports from the recent audit. Upcoming features and overall progress have been updated on the wallet roadmap.

The desktop beta can also be downloaded on GitHub.

The open source for the desktop and mobile Trinity wallets has now been made available, and the IOTA Foundation hope to further improve the wallet through interaction with the developer community. There may be further changes made to the desktop wallet through the beta testing process.

The #trinity-discussion channel on Discord is open for discussion, challenge and improvements from the whole IOTA community.


Written by: Gemma Hall